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How do I link to my pop-up store from an e-mail campaign?

If you're logged into the Shopitag app and you go to 'Sales Channels' in your left-hand menu, you get an immediate option to link your shop to an e-mail campaign. If you hit that button, you can select what pop-up shop you want to link to (if you have multiple shops, otherwise your only pop-up shop is pre-selected).

You'll notice an URL in a separate, green field there that you can copy and paste into your e-mail campaign program to link to the shop. That's simple enough! However, if you want to personalize it further, you need to use the bit after '?email='.

The standard we've selected are the [email]-tags used by MyMailMarket (Campaign Monitor uses these, too), but other platforms use other markers to begin and end personalization. 

  • ConstantContact and AWeber use {email}
  • Drip and ConvertKit use {{email}}
  • GetResponse uses [[email]]
  • MailChimp uses *|email|*
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