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What is UX and why is it important for my shop?

UX is the common acronym for 'user experience' and represents how people will use and experience an app, website or device. It is not the same as but overlaps a little with ergonomics, which is the science of how to work with objects and devices in the most physically healthy way. UX matters a great deal: make a website with interesting content but terrible navigation, and users will give up.

At Shopitag, we have already cleared a lot of common UX barriers by designing our solution to work in an intuitive way for both merchants and end-users. Our customization options allow you to put the cherry on top, however, e.g. by making your pop-up store look and feel like it is truly part of your brand, or by adding eye-catching product pictures that attract shoppers. So, in terms of UX, we already give you a head start, but you can make your shop go the extra mile.

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