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What are the differences between pricing plans in Shopitag?

Apart from our freemium plan, which lets you use Shopitag for free until you hit three sales a month, we offer a variety of paid plans. These can be monthly or annual plans, depending on your preferences, e.g. for short-burst promotional sales, a monthly plan is more interesting, whereas an annual plan is probably the better option if you want to keep your Shopitag pop-up shop open for a longer period of time.

We offer a StarterBronzeSilver and Gold plan. All of them give you access to all sales channels and let you sell in unlimited amounts, but differ in transaction fees, user accounts and number of pop-up shops you can manage. 

  • Transaction fees: the Starter Plan has a 5% fee per transaction, whereas the Bronze, Silver and Gold plans have 3, 2 and 0% transaction fees respectively, which basically earn back their higher price points and amount to a lower TCO.
  • Our Free and Starter Plans allow you to have one pop-up shop. On our Bronze and Silver formula, you're allowed to have 5 and 10 pop-up shops respectively, e.g. if you are simultaneously running ad campaigns, or if you want to have a main shop in addition to a shop centered on holiday promotions. Our Gold formula gets you an unlimited amount of pop-up shops - something no single competitor offers.
  • Our Free and Starter Plans get you one staff account. Our Bronze plan nets you an additional account, e.g. when you and a colleague each run a different campaign or you delegate shop management to an employee. Under our Silver formula, you get five user accounts, and Gold gives you ten accounts!

In addition, if you opt for a more premium plan, this means faster and better service. Our Gold plan is the only one to offer retargeting, which comes in handy in your dedicated campaigns. It allows for integration with your Facebook Pixel, Facebook's business plugin to measure your ad affectiveness and better reach your target audience. More info on how to set it up can be found here.

Keep in mind that monthly plans can only be paid for with credit cards. Other billing means are possible for our yearly plans.

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